• Adult MHFA

Bill Cunningham MSc, FRSA, MBPsS

Mental Health Awareness and Well-being Training for Everyone.


MHFA Lite : a half day mental health awareness course for up to 25 participants. An effective way to introduce mental health literacy to a workforce or community as part of a strategic approach

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Mental Health First Aid

MHFA: an internationally recognized mental health awareness course for ordinary members of the public which provides them with skills to recognise and help people in emotional distress.

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MHFA Youth

MHFA Youth: a mental health awareness course especially designed for those that work with young people, to help them spot the signs and symptoms of any developing mental health issues.

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A range of mental health awareness and well-being courses delivered by a psychologist and some of the most experienced trainers in the country.

Learn the facts about mental health.

Mental health problems affect 1 in 4 people every year
Stress accounts for 43% of lost working days
46% of people with a mental health problem also have a chronic physical health problem
78% of the lives lost to suicide are male

Client Testimonials

“Very fluent with plenty of examples of life experiences and also a deep understanding of the subject area”

“Excellent, easy going, clear presentation, and approachable”

“The most instructive sessions I have experienced”

“Amazing delivery style, fantastic use of stories, very knowledgeable and friendly relaxed style”