One in four of us experience a mental health problem in any given year and yet the vast majority of the population have little or no understanding of mental health or the issues surrounding it. Such ignorance can be the root of stigma and discrimination for those experiencing mental health problem and can often be harder for them to deal with than the symptoms themselves. Self-stigmatization can also get in the way of a person asking for help and can lead to a problem becoming more severe.

MHFA Lite is an introductory mental health awareness course which seeks to address this. It is a half day workshop for up to 25 participants and uses a mix of presentation, group interaction and activities to help the group gain a better understanding of the subject. Myths and misconceptions around the phrase are challenged, attitudes are changed and the group leaves the session with a full appreciation of the positive and negative aspects of mental health.

Participants are each given a booklet for future reference and all receive a certificate of attendance.

MHFA Lite is an efficient way to give a workforce or community an overview of the subject of mental health and feedback from the workshop, nationally, reveals that participants leave with a better confidence in their ability to help a person in distress and that they also understand that they can ask for help should they need it.

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