There can be few words more loaded with taboo, stigma and judgement than suicide. This can mean that people struggling with thought of suicide suffer in silence for fear of the reactions of others to them even using the word. This lack of dialogue can therefore be very dangerous and life threatening.

safeTALK is all about addressing that problem. It is a half day workshop for up to 30 participants which teaches ordinary people to be more suicide aware. They leave the course with a better idea of how to spot that a person might be having thoughts of suicide and a knowledge of how to keep that person safe whilst directing them on to the right kind of help.

Participants are each provided with a booklet, for future reference, and receive a certificate of attendance.

Contact us today to discuss how you can make your workplace or community more suicide aware or for more information about the MHFA Standard course, MHFA Lite, MHFA Youth or our own One Day course.