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In 2011 the Chartered Institute for Personnel and Development (CIPD) published ‘Employee Outlook – Focus on Mental Health in the Workplace’. This was a report on the results of a study into the impact of mental health problems in the workplace. The study found that:

Poor mental health impacts on work performance in many ways. People at work with mental health problems report the following difficulties:

  • 80% find it difficult to concentrate
  • 62% take longer to do tasks
  • 60% have difficulty making decisions
  • 57% find it more difficult to juggle a number of tasks
  • 50% have less patience with customers/clients
  • 42% put off challenging work
  • 37% are more likely to get into conflict with colleagues
  • 33% find it more difficult to learn new tasks
  • 11% rely more on colleagues to get work done

The study confirmed that mental wellbeing in the workplace is a challenging issue that employers cannot afford to ignore. Research has found that untreated mental health issues can cost British business up to £40 billion annually with estimates of an average cost of at least £1035 per employee (NHS Mindful Employer 2016). An organisation’s workforce is its most important and valuable asset so utilising a means to monitor and support mental wellbeing in the workplace makes complete business sense. This is exactly what the Mental Wellbeing Snapshot initiative provides.

The Mental Wellbeing Snapshots programme offers a valuable opportunity to enhance both individual and company wellbeing: the initiative provides for a visiting psychologist conducting one-to-one sessions with team members to assess their mental wellbeing and, where necessary, provide initial support and information on the relevant help available. The sessions also provide a platform to raise mental health awareness amongst staff; to enhance both individual and workplace health and safety and are a tangible demonstration of an employer’s commitment to supporting staff mental wellbeing.

Bill Cunningham BA (Hons) MSc FRSA MBPsS is very happy to be working with fellow psychologist Bernie Graham BA (Hons) MSc FRSM MBPsS, via  Mental Health Support Training & Consultancy,  to deliver the Mental Wellbeing Snapshot Programme.

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